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Located on the north side of Burlington, Vision Clinic has become a trusted vision care provider for the area.  Vision Clinic is located in the Longo’s plaza on the west corner of Walker’s line and Dundas St.  Our doors have been open since September 2005 and have seen north Burlington grow from rural pastures to a bustling suburban zone.

Because each frame we carry is handpicked from Canadian and European sources, our clients always tell us that we have the best selection of eyeglasses in Burlington.  Our wide range of frames includes materials in plastic, metal, and combinations of both in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  We actively seek global fashion trends in the eyewear industry to bring our clients the latest in frame fashion and materials.  We carry brands from leading designers like Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada, Dior and many more, to independent designers like Spectacle Eye works and Mizyake, which stretch the boundaries of innovation and design.

Vision Clinic clients benefit from a large selection of frames and honest expert advice offered from our staff.  Before a frame is selected, we access your prescription to make sure that your prescription complements your frame.  Our range of product enables customers to meet any budget along with their desire for a fashionable look.  Often staff can see if frames suit a customer better than they can see themselves. Customers appreciate honesty regarding the look and fit of frames. We also assist the customer with insurance claims and whenever possible, we submit online claims for them to lessen or eliminate all together the out of pocket expense. We will bill directly for your eye exam to Great West Life, Green Shield, Sunlife, Medavie Blue Cross and more.  Please call store at (905) 319-7559 to enquire.

With the advent of online eyeglass purchasing, customers think that buying glasses online is often the cheapest way to go.  At Vision Clinic this simply isn’t the case, if you consider the reason why the glasses you see online are cheaper it has to do with a few simple reasons.  The lenses used are often inferior quality to the lenses we dispense, the frames that are being sold are anywhere from two to six years old and are discontinued sellout products that are no longer carried in regular retail stores. They also do not staff licensed opticians who are trained in taking the correct measurements, selecting the proper fit and making the necessary adjustments on your frames, therefore staffing costs are not only reduced, but a medical device is being dispensed improperly.  Vision Clinic often matches the prices you see online, if they happen to have the same frame we do.  Customers often have difficulty with the fit of glasses they get online. Often times they are – too wide or too narrow or just plain uncomfortable.   Vision Clinic staff will adjust frames to show you how they should fit even before you purchase.  There is clearly no contact, when you buy glasses online!

One of the hottest trends in the eyewear market today is a return to the retro styles of the 1960’s.  Dark Black and Tortoise plastic frames are dominating the faces of celebrities, and the streets of Milan and New York!  The days of finding a frame to “blend in” to hide the look of glasses is over.   Designers such as TOM FORD, WILLIAM RAST and RAY BAN have shown that BOLD is BEAUTIFUL.  Not only do plastic frames rule the runways, but they are generally more comfortable to wear as well because they lack the presence of nose pads that can often leave red marks on the nose.  Stop in today to check out the latest in GEEK SHIEK eyewear.

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