Green Shield Members

Preferred Vision Care Provider

The following discounts will be offered by Vision Clinics: A 30%* discount on the purchase of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses; a 10% discount on the purchase of contact lenses; a 15% discount on the purchase of non-prescription sunglasses. The conditions applicable to these discounts are as follows:

  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other pricing offer, discount coupon, insurance company program or corporate program
  • 30% discount applicable to eyeglasses with frames up to $159.00. | 20% discount for eyeglasses with Frames $160 to $199. | 15% off eyeglasses with designer frames $200 and up.
  • This offer is available at all Vision Clinic stores in Ontario where Vision Clinic stores are located.
  • Vision Clinic prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • GSC plan members, spouses and eligible dependents must present their Green Shield I.D. card to Vision Clinic prior to purchasing any vision care products or services.

The Vision Clinic is proud to service the Greater Niagara, Hamilton and Halton regions including:

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